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One Saturday morning, I stumbled upon a post of one of my friends in Facebook asking what's the best burger in town. People from her list provided variety of answers including Hollywood Burgers, Backyard Burgers and Army Navy. I have already tried the first two, and to be honest, I was more satisfied with the food at Hollywood Burgers than in Backyard Burgers. With regard to the third one mentioned, that is still yet a mystery to me.

So when the BF asked me to watch Total Recall last Saturday, I asked him if we can have dinner at Army Navy Burger + Burrito in Abreeza before the movie. I know he quickly agreed since like me, he has also heard raves about this new diner in town. After his duty, off we go to Abreeza for our chance to try what this diner has to offer.

When we arrived, the place was packed so the first thought that came into my mind was that food must be really good to have this much number of people. Luckily we managed to find seats for ourselves. The BF placed our orders at the counter and then we waited for around 10-15 minutes before our order arrived.

Army Navy Pork Burrito (P165)

I ordered the Pork Burrito since I heard lots of feedback that it was good so I thought of giving it a try. The burrito consists of pork bits which for me was sliced big enough to be bitten. It would have been better if these pork slices were a little tender as well. I also find the Spanish rice very soft- maybe it was a bit overcooked. I followed the instructions posted at the counter as to how to eat a burrito, thinking that maybe the lemon and the sauce could make it tasted better but unfortunately, the burrito did not suit my taste. The size was already enough to qualify as a full heavy meal because it was carbo-loaded. I was able to finish only  half of it before handing it over to the BF who finished my meal (as always).

Army Navy Double Burger (P195)

Let me just tell you that we were not hungry since we had snack at the hospital before the BF went off-duty.  However, out of curiosity and the pictures around seem appetizing as well, the BF ordered this double burger which is made up of two quarter-pound beef patties with onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cheese sauce in a bun. The BF made me try this one before blurting out our verdicts. The patties were well-done but we do not find them as tasty and as juicy as the burgers we had in Hollywood Burgers. But despite it all, we managed to finish everything we ordered.

We find the price too expensive for the quality of the food we tried and tasted. Maybe I expected a lot from this diner that I ended up feeling disappointed with what I had. Even though we did not like it for our first visit, I'll still be giving this store a second chance and try their quesadillas and fries next time. 

Are you also having the same sentiments as mine? Let me know your thoughts!

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  1. I love Army Navy freedom fries! :) Have yet to try their burgers! ;)

    The Misty Mom

    1. maybe next time, I'll try their chicken and fries. :)

  2. omg this post just made me hungry!
    your blog is amazing!!


    1. thanks a lot! would you like to follow each other? :)

  3. Oh, I want to eat so bad now!

    Let me know if you what to follow eatch other :)

  4. hi chamee! thanks for checking out my blog
    i followed yours! you're so pretty i hope we can be good friends :)



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