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I have always been a fan of burgers. Without a doubt, I would instantly choose to binge over a burger meal than force myself to consume a rice meal. In fact, I am one of those people who are very delighted that Davao City is now embracing more and more burger stores with different offers to lure their costumers. Just last February, another burger joint opened in Davao City with a pleasant surprise to burger aficionados like me. 

Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome The Metro Burgers!

The Metro Burgers recently opened its doors to the public last February with a lot of choices of delectable burgers to choose from. Burger lovers can get to choose the Regular Burger, Chinese Burger, Mexican Burger, Hawaiian Burger, Bacon and Mushroom Burger and the Double Burger. Every burger comes with a 100% pure beef patty and extraordinary spices that bring out the different flavors depending on the burger variety. With this, each burger variety offers an exciting flavor and ultimate satisfaction for your appetite. 

Know what sets the burgers of  The Metro Burgers apart from the other burger joints in town? Take a look at the pictures closely and try to find out.

Bacon and Mushroom Burger
Just a quick trip down memory lane, it was one hot afternoon in August 2012 when le BF and I decided to try Backyard Burgers for the first time. This burger joint is situated just a few walks away from le BF's house so we ordered 1 cheeseburger (for me) and 1 Ha'ang Burger (for him) for take-out because the place was jam-packed. At first try, I wasn't happy with my burger. I found the bun to be stale for my taste, and the patty was a bit burnt and dry. On the other hand, le BF liked his extra spicy burger. Although I was disappointed, my first experience with Backyard Burgers didn't stop me from visiting them for a second try.

Last December 2012, I came back again for another dining experience. This time, my friend, Sarah and I decided to dine in as the place was empty, unlike my first visit. I was eyeing for the customized burger but found it very expensive after the lady at the counter calculated all the ingredients so I settled for the BB Garshroom Bacon Burger instead, while Sarah had her burger customized.

BB Garshroom  Bacon Burger (Php 150 + add-on Php 35)
The BB Garshroom Bacon Burger is made-up of a single beef patty with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, garlic mushroom fried in butter, bacon and sesame bun. Since I like my burgers with loads of cheese, I opted to add the Cheesy Dip Sauce. 

One Saturday morning, I stumbled upon a post of one of my friends in Facebook asking what's the best burger in town. People from her list provided variety of answers including Hollywood Burgers, Backyard Burgers and Army Navy. I have already tried the first two, and to be honest, I was more satisfied with the food at Hollywood Burgers than in Backyard Burgers. With regard to the third one mentioned, that is still yet a mystery to me.

So when the BF asked me to watch Total Recall last Saturday, I asked him if we can have dinner at Army Navy Burger + Burrito in Abreeza before the movie. I know he quickly agreed since like me, he has also heard raves about this new diner in town. After his duty, off we go to Abreeza for our chance to try what this diner has to offer.

When we arrived, the place was packed so the first thought that came into my mind was that food must be really good to have this much number of people. Luckily we managed to find seats for ourselves. The BF placed our orders at the counter and then we waited for around 10-15 minutes before our order arrived.

Army Navy Pork Burrito (P165)