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Ladies and gentlemen, meet my latest addiction, Happy Lemon Cocoa/Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese!

Cocoa on the sides, Coffee in the center 
If there is one thing which is partly to be blamed for gaining back all the weight I lost is this fresh delight from Happy Lemon - the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese and the Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese. I never regretted being adventurous in trying out this one because I definitely loved it to the point that I've been craving for it almost every single time. Seriously.

Forgive me for not updating my food blog more often but trust me, I got a lot of food posts coming up! But for now, let me share to you one of the latest additions to pump up the milk tea craze here in Davao City - Chatime!

It was a hot Tuesday afternoon when I chanced upon a new purple tea shop at the ground floor of SM Lanang Premier. Who would not notice the long line of customers wanting to have a taste of milkteas? Little did I know that Chatime was actually a popular brand for milk teas not only in Manila but around the world, and before the end of 2012, it  finally opened its doors to Davao's milk tea enthusiasts.

If you're someone like me who's always scouting for great places to unwind, chill or just be productive with studies and work, then surely the first thing that will pop into your mind is a coffee shop. However, some of the coffee shops I've been too here in Davao, although relaxing, are not that conducive for productivity, at least for me. Others don't have comfortable chairs/couches, many don't have fast Wi-fi and some won't even let you charge your gadget for free. But last Sunday, I was glad to discover one of the newest coffee shops in the metro that made it up to my list of go-to places in terms of relaxation and productivity.

Have you been to Java Jive?

Java Jive: Coffee-Tea-Soda-Music is a home-inspired, Filipino-themed music cafe where one can avail any or all of the following: drink coffee, tea and soda blends, enjoy Davao-produced sweets and savory dishes, and listen to the music of  local homegrown talents from the city. One thing that sets this coffee shop apart from the rest is its music - they only play original Pinoy music (OPM) and on special days, you get to listen to a live band playing their originals and covers. Proudly, it's the first of its kind here in the metro.