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Most people say that if you want to learn about the world, go out and travel more because what's written in the books is only an understatement. But, if you want to get the most out of your travel, there is no other better way but to immerse yourself and get lost in your destination's grassroots.

To some, planning a travel provides a sense of fulfillment but to others, it can be a daunting task. Guide books and travel blogs may seem to help a lot but a lot of hidden secrets are best discovered through the eyes of  a local. 

Good thing there's a new traveler's market place online, Withlocals, which offers a more convenient and strategic way of reaching out to locals and establish a connection between travelers and locals with unique and and personalized experiences.

Withlocals is a peer-to-peer marketplace wherein local people can offer their experiences, services and skills to travelers. These experiences fall into three categories:

  • EAT Withlocals - The best food that a certain destination offers can not be found in the most expensive restaurant but can be experience from a home of a local. Taste the country and savor its culture by dining in a home of a local family. 
  • TOURS Withlocals - Nobody knows a place better than a local. Be prepared to discover more a lot about a certain destination through the guidance of local hosts, that even guide books do not offer.
  • ACTIVITIES Withlocals - Take part in activities and learn new skills from local hosts by living a day in their usual lives.

Withlocals has already been established in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia to name a few but in the near future, Filipinos will be given the chance to showcase their hospitality to the world because Withlocals will soon be launched in the Philippines. Register as a host or a traveler because now is the perfect opportunity to show the world what Filipinos are truly made of. 

To learn more about Withlocals, check out their website HERE.