Fresh. Hot. Now. Krispy Kreme Says Hello Mindanao!

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I can still vividly remember the first time I fell in love at a first bite of a hot and fresh original glazed doughnut. It was a rainy July 07, 2010. I dropped by at Krispy Kreme Mall of Asia to buy 2 dozen of doughnuts to bring home to my family and friends. I didn't knew about the hotlight then - what it truly meant - not until when it was switched on and the lady at the counter asked me if I wanted to have fresh and hot original glazed doughnuts. Realizing that I can be hungry while waiting at the airport, I ordered one and paired it up with a cup of hot caramel latte. The fresh and hot doughnuts plus a warm cup of coffee on a rainy day ignited my love for the original glazed doughnut that time. It was so great that other varieties of doughnuts became less attractive to me.

Ever since then, I had always been wishing for a Krispy Kreme branch here in Davao so that I could easily satisfy my craving for hot and fresh original glazed doughnuts. I didn't expect that after a few years, my wish has finally come true. Today, October 20, 2012, world-famous Krispy Kreme marks another milestone in their history as it opens 2 new branches here in Davao City - one in SM City Annex and in Abreeza Mall.

But before it fully opened its doors to the public, I was fortunate to be one of the bloggers who graced the successful Krispy Kreme Media Event and VIP Cocktails Night last October 18, 2012 at the SM City Annex. It was an epic moment for me to have witnessed the unveiling of the latest Krsipy Kreme store and get the first dibs on their delectable selections. Of course, even if I am on a limited diet in preparation for my upcoming travel, I couldn't resist indulging in sumptuous delights that Krispy Kreme has in store for us.

The hotlight was finally turned on and I was all giddy to see my favorite hot original glazed doughnuts rolling on the factory. Hot. Fresh. Now. My craving has been fully satisfied!

You could also see the look of excitement  on the faces of the young ones and the young once. While the young once got to enjoy unlimited doughnuts, coffee and chillers during the event, kids also had a great time making their own doughnuts. The lucky me also got to take home a dozen of original glazed doughnuts for my family and friends to enjoy.

Thank you very much Krispy Kreme for a memorable event. I'm absolutely a one happy fan. Even if I didn't get a golden ticket, I am truly happy that my favorite doughnut is finally within my reach.

Now what are you waiting for?
Head on to SM City Annex and Abreeza Mall to have a bite of your favorite Krispy Kreme doughtnuts.

See you there!

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  1. Na-capture jud nimo ang Hot Now! I have 10 pictures of the hot light, lahat walang "Hot. Now"...hahah

    1. ibig sabihin wala pa ka kaestablish rapport with your camera. hahahaha. would you believe this was the first shot? abi nko shungit kay naay tao pero upon post-processing, i find the shadows dramatic. dapat u should often take jump shots para kabalo ka unsaon pag timing sa imong cam.

    2. Lagi, naga-kapa pa pud ko. Daghan pa blurry shots. Naa pa mi sa getting-to-know-you stage. Hahaha

    3. hahaha. kaya mo yan! even until now, i still struggle sa akong digicam. almost 2 years nako sya wala ngamit kay ng SLR ko. pero no choice kay wala naman SLR so back to point and shoot. mmaximize mo din yan someday, and powershot is a good camera.

  2. I love love the Chocolate Glaze donut of KK! :) Forever di ko napagsasawaan!

    You look beautiful sis!!

    The Misty Mom

  3. How fun! I remember when it opened for the first time in Seattle it was zoo fun and sooo yummy! I am your newest follower! Love your blog! :)
    Follow me back

  4. Our closet is an hour away :) They do have yummy donuts though! Saw your post on blogaholic and following you on GFC. I look forward to your future posts! You can find me at


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