Happy Lemon Always Makes Me Happy!

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Ladies and gentlemen, meet my latest addiction, Happy Lemon Cocoa/Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese!

Cocoa on the sides, Coffee in the center 
If there is one thing which is partly to be blamed for gaining back all the weight I lost is this fresh delight from Happy Lemon - the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese and the Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese. I never regretted being adventurous in trying out this one because I definitely loved it to the point that I've been craving for it almost every single time. Seriously.

All that delicate blend of cream, condensed milk, cream cheese plus a pinch of rock salt is a guilty pleasure for my craving palate. There was even this one week wherein I was spotted sipping a cup of rock salt and cheese every single day of the week. I find it quite expensive at Php 100 per cup but the satisfaction and happiness I get every single time I am with a cup of Happy Lemon are totally worth it.

On most days, I usually go for the Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese plus extra cheese. You just have to add Php 20 for the extra cheese but the goodness you get is incomparable to the regular one. I might be a bit exaggerating here but that's because I am a cheese aficionado myself and anything cheesy really makes me happy. On lousy days, I prefer the Coffee with Rock Salt and Cheese to perk me up. I have yet to try the Green Tea one. Maybe soon, when my taste buds no longer feel delightful with the cocoa and coffee. 

Happy Lemon can be found at SM City Annex, The Peak at Gaisano Mall and at the Ground Floor of SM Lanang Premier. If you're aiming for a generous serving of extra rock salt and cheese on your drink, Happy Lemon at SM Lanang Premier gives the most generous serving. 

What's your favorite Happy Lemon drink? Does Happy Lemon also make you happy like me?

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