Living Up to Its Hype: Yabu, The House of Katsu

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It has been six months since I had a memorable gastronomic experience at Yabu: The House of Katsu but it was only this time that I finally muster all the guts to write a post about it. Aside from losing all the pictures I had during this trip, which I eventually recovered, I veered away from doing such since making this post only meant one thing - reliving the experience I had at Yabu.

Even if I am a self-professed Japanese food lover, I have always been loyal to the raw Japanese dishes  so much that cooked delicacies would surely envy the attention I'm giving them. But when I read about Yabu on my blogger feed, my curiosity got ignited so much that it gained the top of my go-to list if ever I'll be in Manila. So when I was sent to Manila for a seminar, I made sure that I got to tick off this entry on my list.

I opted for the Menchi Katsu set which is made up of authentic Japanese minced meat of superior beef and pork, blended with Yabu's special spices and stuffed with creamy cheese. I was initially inclined to order the Rosu Set but then I thought that it will just be like any other Tonkatsu in the market, so I went for the Menchi Katsu instead.  Aside from that, I'm biased when it comes to cheese. 

Menchi Katsu Set (P350)
And oh boy did I made such a very good decision. Upon first look, the Menchi Katsu looked like just the ordinary Tonkatsu but it gave away a delightful cheesy surprise in every bite. The creamy cheese perfectly complemented with the mixture of minced pork and beef that there's no need to dip a serving in their special sauce, which you actually have to make from ground sesame seeds and their homemade sauce.  You can only just imagine how many cups of rice and cabbage I asked for during the meal. 

My companion ordered the Katsudon set which is also surprisingly good. In fact, it was the best Katsudon I have tried in the Philippines, so far. 

Others might get discouraged for its price, as most sets usually range from P300.00 and above, but with the one-of-a-kind taste, unlimited Japanese rice and cabbage, you will surely get what you paid for. Also, the service is incredibly great although the place could be a bit packed and noisy during dinner time. 

My first experience with Yabu: The House of Katsu undeniably lived up to its social media hype that I would definitely come back again to try their other offerings. Or rather, I just wish that Yabu would open up a branch here in Davao so that there's no more need to travel to Manila just to have a taste of Yabu. 

Have you tried Yabu? What's your favorite?

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