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In less than 24 hours, our timelines will be filled with mushy greetings, images of bouquets and gifts of all sorts, just because it’s Valentine’s Day. I really don’t have any idea who started giving a big deal out of this date, but anybody, regardless of relationship status, seems to really make this day one to remember. And I am no exemption.

This has been, I think, my 4th year of celebrating Valentine’s Day under the single label but through the years, this day has been allocated as a celebration of love with my family. I believe nothing couldn’t get any better than commemorating this festive day with people whose love is truly unconditional.

So what could be more fitting with a fancy family dinner at home, of course, especially prepared by yours truly, and then popping a cap of non-alcoholic beverage to toast to the occasion? My parents were both diagnosed with fatty liver so staying away from any alcoholic beverages is a must. I’m glad that I discovered MAY 100% SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE as a great substitute, and with that, our Valentine celebration is complete.

Made out of specially selected freshly pressed grapes, MAY 100% SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE is a high-quality delightful drink that’s perfect for parties and events without having to worry about alcohol content.

This high-quality product is from Belgium and contains only 80 calories per serving. It’s alcohol-free, which makes it great for anyone of any age or dietary restriction to enjoy. We often have a stash of MAY 100% SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE inside our fridge, so that whenever my parents feel to have some wine, a bottle always comes to the rescue. 

Aside from being non-alcoholic, another good thing about MAY 100% SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE is its packaging – it comes with a resealable wired cap to seal freshness when the drink is not consumed immediately.

Two variants, the White Grape and the Red Grape, are already widely available in supermarkets at an affordable price.

Celebrating Valentine's Day need not to be grand and expensive, and also intoxicated. Better yet remain sober to cherish every minute of this special day. To people like me who wants to remember every detail of this special day, MAY 100% SPARKLING GRAPE JUICE is the perfect company.

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  1. To family and love! Bahalag single, Cheers! Happy Valentine's, Chamee!


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