For the Love of the Sweet Tooth at Lachi's

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Hurray for another weekend! I'm glad that with my work, I'm able to spend the weekends lounging at home, just chilling, feeling lazy, doing thesis work if I'm feeling motivated, and at times, wandering around town. My schedule for the weekends usually depends on my boyfriend, since at times he is on a 24-hour duty and if I feel lazy to go out without him, I stay at home. But if my parents have other plans, then surely I'm not one to just bum around.

Let me share to you one weekend trip I had. This was actually last Saturday, when I'm still feeling sick and all. But since the BF wants to spend quality time, I compromised. LOL! This time, I gave him the autonomy to decide where to go. When the boyfriend blurted out that he wants to have dinner at Lachi's, all I can say was, "Yahoo, perfect!"

Lachi's Sans Rival Atbp. has been famous in Davao for creating and marketing delightful pastries and delicacies that will surely make a sweet tooth go crazy. I have been an avid fan of Lachi's and every time that  I'm in need of a remedy for my sweet tooth, this place is always the first to pop out of my mind. I'm happy to see that they have been improving, from what used to be a very small restaurant has now occupied a bigger space enough to accommodate hungry costumers. What I just don't like with Lachi's is that their location is not that easily accessible (for me) that I don't even know how to commute to reach the place. And if you're bringing a car, then the parking space is another problem. However, once you get to taste their food, then you'll surely brush these problems away.

Here's what we ordered:

Crispy Lechon Kawali

 I ordered this one just because I was craving for something crispy and something that I haven't tried in Lachi's. Good to say that this plate did not disappoint me except that some parts have been difficult to chew.   

Boyfriend's order: Unforgettable Pork Ribs

Every time that I'm in Lachi's, this has been my food of choice. But since I want something new, I let the boyfriend devour this delicious plate of pork ribs. Truly, unforgettable!

Me with my food. Still looking sick.
 The dining experience at Lachi's would not be complete if you didn't make room for desserts. Lachi's has been boasting of their delicious pastries and aside from just being delicious, their pastries and sweet offerings come in an affordable price. We even have a hard time deciding our orders for desserts because they have a huge selection of desserts for the sweet tooth.

Walnut Mudpie

French Macarons (coffee, chocolate and orange-choco)

Seeing these french macarons at the counter made my heart skipped a beat. This was the first store I've seen which are selling macarons here in Davao. Although quite expensive, these were actually worth the price because every bite is packed with sinful sweetness and succulent goodness. I'm starting again to crave for these delights as I am making this blog post. Maybe, I'll ask the BF to drop by Lachi's again, or maybe, it's time for me to leave the computer and make my way to Lachi's again.

What's your favorite Lachi's dessert? 

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