Loud and Proud: Chocolates from Cacao De Davao

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When we think of chocolates, I think most of us, including me, prefer those which come from European countries like Switzerland, Belgium, Germany but did you know that my beloved city of Davao also produces chocolates which are also of world-class quality? 

I already heard stories of locally-produced chocolates making news in other countries but it was only until the Davao Food Appreciation Tour 2014 that I finally got a taste of what they were talking about. 

Unknown to many, Davao City is also home to farmers growing cocoa beans, which are considered as one of the bests in the world. One local producer, Cacao De Davao, bravely stepped up into the game of turning these high quality locally grown beans into premium-grade chocolates. 

Highlighting the quality of locally-grown cacao beans in Davao, Cacao De Davao encapsulates its rich unadulterated taste in their products such as unsweetened choco callets, cocoa powders, 70% dark chocolate and cocoa nibs. In addition to that, Cacao de Davao also sells pastries, such as Fudgy Choco Brownies,  and drinks made from their products. 

One need not go to places anymore to savor the rich, extraordinary taste of chocolate that is considered at par with the world's standards. In fact, satisfying the sweet tooth with rich and bitter chocolate does not also need to be expensive as Cacao De Davao products are affordable without compromising the ingredients and quality. 

San Pedro Extension, Davao City
Mobile 0917 250 2226
Instagram: @cacaodedavao

Cacao De Davao products are also available in EchoStore branches nationwide and Sea Green Cafe and Lifetyle Shop. 

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