New Authentic Japanese Offerings from Tsuru

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My self went into manic mode when I found out that Tsuru Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar got included in the list of #DFAT2013 pit stops. If the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, then the way to my heart is through Japanese food and that better be Tsuru to really  impress me.

Tsuru is proud to be known as the oldest and longest running Japanese restaurant in Davao City and has been delighting Davaoeños with authentic Japanese cuisine since 1990. I admit I am not a frequent visitor of this restaurant but I have been a customer during their buffet for several times already. One of which was when the BF took me out on a Japanese buffet date here in Tsuru in celebration of his first paycheck as a medical resident.

Moving along, Tsuru introduced four new additions to their menu during the second pit stop of the #DFAT2013 adventure. I was very delighted to know that Tsuru always continue to innovate their dishes to come up with something new and appealing to Davao's ever-changing gastronomic market.

Here are Tsuru's new offerings: 

Crazy Maki
Crazy Maki : Kani sticks with tempura bits
Volcano Roll : filled with salmon, spring onions, Japanese mayo and Tsuru's special sauces.
Warning: it's sinfully spicy!
Tsuru Roll: made up of salmon, kani and cream  cheese
Tsuru Roll. Every plate is a work of art!
Godzilla Roll: mango, avocado, tuna and salmon with ebi tempura inside

So what's my favorite? EVERYTHING. I don't need any amount of convincing anymore for me to love all their new offerings. All I can say is that I now have new favorites to enjoy when dining in at Tsuru.

#DFAT2013 participant in action
They also have wines and drinks available.
I highly recommend their buffet every 15th and 30th of the month if you want to have a taste of everything on the menu. But for ala carte, don't miss their Salmon Sashimi, Ebi Tempura and Kani Bacon Maki. They also have a HAPPY HOUR promo on sushis and makis.

Tsuru Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar has three branches in Davao City: one along J. Camus St. in front of People's Park, in the ground floor of Abreeza Mall and at Damosa Gateway, Lanang.

Contact Number: (082) 221 0901

Thank you very much Tsuru! It has always been a gastronomic delight in every visit! 

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  1. drools! everything looks so good, making me hungry. i have really enjoyed reading your blog as well. would love it if we could maybe follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin'? please feel free to check out my blog and let me know if you'd like to.


  2. The Godzilla Roll is a must-try just because it looks colorful hahaha I love Tsuru, too! I should go and try the Godzilla Roll. ;)

  3. Thanks to you blog Cham! Big help looking for good places to visit in Davao! :)

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