Kicking Off the #DFAT2013 Adventure at Mam Bebs Bakeshop

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The #DFAT2013 adventure started off with a "light" lunch and a quick orientation about the itinerary and things to do at Mam Bebs Bakeshop.

Blast from the past: When I was still aspiring to be an official member of the Davao Bloggers, one of the requirements is to pay a registration fee to Andrew Dela Serna at Mam Bebs Bakeshop. To be honest, I was really clueless about this place that I searched the entire C.M Recto St (from San Pedro Church going to Marco Polo) but failed because it was located near Planters Bank in front of City Triangle.

When I became an official Davao Blogger, Mam Bebs Bakeshop is no longer a new place for me. Several blogging events were already conducted here yet it never fails to tickle my palate every time that I am here savoring every bite of their sumptuous offerings. One of the dishes you must try whenever you get the chance to visit Mam Bebs is their famous Pancit Luglug.

Mam Bebs Bakeshop Pancit Luglug

Aside from being not your ordinary kind of bakeshop, Mam Bebs Bakeshop is more than just a bakeshop since it also offers affordable combo meals yet very satisfying to your hunger. Every meal comes with a bowl of delicious noodle soup.

Double-cooked Pork Adobo
Korean Chicken
Fish Fillet

Of course, a visit to Mam Bebs Bakeshop will never be a complete experience without trying on their yummy pastries and desserts. 

Jelly Roll
Creamy Egg Pie
Another must-try!
Chocolate Marble Bread
Custard Cake

I was expecting to have a bite of their delicious Apple Pie but unfortunately, it was not served during the event. Believe me or not, but their Apple Pie is the best I've tasted in town! It is available on order basis only so you better take note of their contact information below and call/message them now!

Mam Bebs Bakeshop
1/F CVA Building
C.M. Recto Street
8000 Davao City
(082) 2278131


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  1. I love Mam Bebs since I got to college ;) But I have never tasted their Apple Pie. How much would it cost?


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