Kitchen Experiment: Chicken Arroz Caldo and Tokwa't Baboy

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Being a health care professional exposes us at a greater risk for contracting illnesses. Despite my conscious efforts to prevent acquiring illness, I didn't expect that with the erratic weather changes and recent stressful events, I'll be calling in sick today. For the past few days, I've been having a non-productive cough and body malaise. It was only until yesterday that the symptoms progressed that I began to experiencing low-grade fever and muscle pains and a very severe headache up until the moment I woke up this morning. I don't like being sick. I don't like being away from work and not achieving the Perfect Attendance Award for the month. But desperately, my body needs to slow down and gets the rest it truly deserves. 

One thing I also don't like with being sick is the craving for "food remedies" i.e food that could satisfy sick people. The usual gastronomic treats that I'm craving for when I'm sick is my favorite chicken arroz caldo and Dencia's Tokwa't Baboy. But since Dencia's restaurant is located far away from where I'm residing and that I couldn't ask someone to buy for me, I decided to experiment replicating their Tokwa't Baboy (Pork + Tofu) together with my Chicken Arroz Caldo. Here's the result:

Chicken Arroz Caldo + Tokwa't Baboy

Closer Look: Tokwa't Baboy (Pork + Tofu with Vinaigrette)

It  was my first time to prepare Tokwa't Baboy! Thanks to the world wide web for helping me out. Additional information, these two actually make up a perfect tandem as a remedy for the sick. 

What's your comfort food when you're sick? Stay healthy everyone!

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