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Filipinos are well-known for their close social ties. Whether it's within families, friends and communities, Filipinos stand out above the rest when it comes to valuing presence and relationships which can be truly seen even in our manner of dining. For one, my family always sees to it that we dine together even just for one meal a day despite of our busy schedules. It is in the dining that we can share what happened to our day and bond more through food. Even though the western culture already invaded us with fast food chains that makes eating alone seems to be a quick thing to do, nothing can make a dining experience more satisfying than having family and friends to share our food (and love with).

However, it's good to know that there are still some restaurants out there who happen to value the importance of close social ties among friends and families. One of which is Max's, "the house that chicken built", which is one of the country's leading restaurants. They just recently launched Max's 4Sharing Meals, a new meal bundle consisting of four cups of rice, four glasses of iced tea, the all-time favorite classic Max's "sarap-to-the-bones" Fried Chicken, and this October, delectable beef selections such as Beef Caldereta and Adobong Baka sa Gata, have become a part of the 4sharing meals.

Mr. Robert Simborio, Corporate Media and PR Manager for Max's Corporation, discussed to us the new  treats from Max's during the first bloggers event for Max's last October 2, 2012 at Max's Abreeza Mall. He  told us that this 4Sharing Meals took its inspiration from having observed that commonly, customers dining in Max's come in small groups of three or four, and that they usually pair the classic Fried Chicken with classic heirloom dishes. Priced at Php 899.00, costumers can still enjoy the same generous serving  and value for money with this new meal bundle. 

Mr. Robert Simborio, Corporate Media and PR Manager for Max's Corporation

The bloggers event was not only all about lectures and devouring on good food. Before we got to feast on Max's 4Sharing Meals, we got to sweat out first by playing a puzzle game wherein all bloggers are divided into 2 teams representing the 2 new beef selections. The first team to complete the puzzle wins - and guess who won? Our team! 

Here's a look at our puzzles:

The new beef selections: Beef Caldereta and Adobong Baka sa Gata

Of course, the bloggers event wouldn't be complete without having to try on the new Max's 4Sharing Meals. Each of us got to feast on the classic "sarap-to-the-bones" Fried Chicken, Beef Caldereta and Adobong Baka sa Gata, plus a glass of refreshing iced tea which seems to take forever to be consumed.

Max's Classic "sarap-to-the-bones" Fried Chicken

The dining experience in Max's wouldn't truly be a MAX's-imum experience without ordering the classic Fried Chicken. It's flavorful and not greasy, just how I wanted my fried chicken to always be. One bite of it made me ask for more. True story. 

Adobong Baka sa Gata

This dish was a WINNER for me! I didn't expect it to be so flavorful, but when this dish finally touched my taste buds, it gives off a very delectable taste. The meat was very tender and the gata or coconut milk blended well with the classic adobo concoction. The spiciness was just enough for my taste. Double thumbs up for this dish! I highly recommend it! 

Beef Caldereta

Another dish was the Beef Caldereta. Like the first dish, the meat was also cooked tenderly. The tomato sauce has just the right balance of spiciness and the vegetables in it are also well-done which added to its flavorful taste. Truly satisfying!

Now, are you craving? Good news is, this meal bundle is also available for delivery and take-out at Max's Davao, located at the 2nd floor of Abreeza Mall. 

The dining experience was a very pleasant one considering that we're very satisfied with the very sumptuous meals, the bonding with Davao bloggers and meeting new friends, plus each blogger got to take home one box of Caramel Bars. 

Mr. Robert Simborio with friend and co-blogger Sarah of

Meeting a new friend and co-blogger: RIGO with a G of SPC represent!

Davao Bloggers

What are you waiting for? Head on to Max's Restaurant for a wonderful dining experience with their new delectable treats! For more info, log on to their website: or visit their Facebook page to be the first to know about their latest and coolest offerings.

See you there!

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