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Aside from the jaw-dropping scenery and amazing landscapes, Palawan has much more to offer than what meets the eye. The city also has a wide array of restaurants that would suit every craving palate, therefore a wandering traveler will surely never go hungry in this city. Mostly, the restaurants in Puerto Princesa have a native theme serving Filipino dishes and boasting of the Filipino pride. From among these restaurants, one of the most famous places in Palawan is Ka Inato.

Just a few minutes away from the domestic airport of Puerto Princesa, this native restaurant offers a lot of Filipino dishes like the famous chicken inasal (chicken barbeque) and fish sinigang (fish stew). The ambience is very welcoming and depicts the Filipino culture as seen through their fixtures and interiors. In fact, almost every corner shows Filipino paintings which accessorize the place even more. Aside from that, the restaurant made use of the local petromax as light sources instead of the usual fluorescent lights and the open air brings about a pleasant and relaxing ambience to its diners.

This restaurant offers a variety of food choices - all complete with its poultry, beef, pork and seafood selections. You might also think that foreigners may have a hard time choosing from among the menu since the meals are written in Tagalog. But, considering the influx of foreign tourists, their service crew are very well-versed in the English language, and are very much ready to translate and explain their selections.

While waiting, the crew served us with free hot soups. Unlike any other free soups I've tried in the metro, this native chicken soup is packed with so much flavor. I liked it so much that most of us asked for another bowl.

OMG! It's Babyback Rib (Php 185.00)
Original CHIX Inato (Php 95.00)
Sinigang na Isda (P200.00)

It took around 15-20 minutes of waiting time before our orders were served. The pork and chicken meat were well-done and served hot. Both are perfectly tender and juicy and coated in a flavorful barbecue sauce. The fish stew is also a winner. One can really taste the freshness of the fish in it. It has just the right amount of sourness which is not overwhelming to the palate. Even though the meal is intended only for one, the serving is quite generous which can accommodate up to 2 hungry tummies.

Watermelon Shake (Php 70.00)
Watermelon and Green Mango Shakes (Php 70.00)
The refreshments were also very delicious and thirst-quenching. I was very much satisfied with the watermelon shake that I ordered because you can really taste the fruit in it, and it has just the right amount of sweetness.

The creative presentation of their food is something to note too. Instead of the usual cup of rice being served in dome-shaped manner, they serve their rice in a pyramid style (observe the pictures of the chicken and pork ribs). They also served papaya preserves alongside their barbecue meals.

Overall, the first restaurant I've been to upon arriving in Palawan did not disappoint me. In fact, I was satisfied with the taste, service and ambiance that this restaurant has offered, hence I am giving my thumbs up to this restaurant. Every tourist must definitely have a taste of Ka Inato located at J. Rizal St. before leaving Palawan.

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  1. That Baby Back Ribs! It's just so delicious!

    And oh, welcome to the world of food blog!
    Ingatan ang figure ha.. hehe! :D

    1. hi Jonas!!! super sarap! :) big servings pa! :))


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