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By | Wednesday, January 23, 2013 2 comments
 The first time I fell in love with Cafe France's Beef Lasagna was during my practicum days in UP-PGH barely three years ago. I first had a taste of it when my classmates and I decided to had a late lunch at Podium and oh boy I got so enticed. Ever since then, their beef lasagna has become one of the food that I made sure to eat every time I am in Manila. Ever since then, the same beef lasagna had also become my staple airport food every time I get to fly back to Davao from NAIA Terminal 2.

When I heard about their opening here in Davao, I got so giddy like a little child seeing her favorite candy within her reach again. And just last Tuesday, I was able to visit their branch at The Peak where I had another Tuesdate with the BF. It was my first time to really dine in at their place but I have already been a satisfied customer of their breads, croissants and sandwiches which I usually order for take-out since they opened their doors in this city.


Even though I'm limiting myself from too much carbohydrates, I couldn't resist having a serving of my all-time favorite Beef Lasagna. Just like the old times, this heaping serving is oh so flavorful and packed with sinful goodness. Priced at P185.00 together with glass of softdrink, one serving is big enough for just one person.  

The BF ordered the Crabstick Celery Sandwich on a pita bread. Cafe France allows customers to customized their sandwich by letting them choose the kind of bread for their sandwich. The bread truly makes a difference on the overall taste of the sandwich because I seem to like this Crabstick Celery Sandwich-Pita Bread more than the combo when whole wheat bread was used. This sandwich is priced at around P105.00 - P120.00 ala carte. 

Their selections may seem to be more expensive when compared with others but their delicious meals and tasty breads bring out the value in what you paid for. I don't mind spending a little more than the usual because for sure, I will come out as a happy customer every time I visit Cafe France.

Have you tried Cafe France? What's your favorite?
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  1. Hi dear...Thanks for your visit, the food looks really impressive here! hope you have a good and productive week ahead!

  2. Is it weird that reading your blog is making me really hungry? :)

    Steph // fun size beauty


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