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Just a quick trip down memory lane, it was one hot afternoon in August 2012 when le BF and I decided to try Backyard Burgers for the first time. This burger joint is situated just a few walks away from le BF's house so we ordered 1 cheeseburger (for me) and 1 Ha'ang Burger (for him) for take-out because the place was jam-packed. At first try, I wasn't happy with my burger. I found the bun to be stale for my taste, and the patty was a bit burnt and dry. On the other hand, le BF liked his extra spicy burger. Although I was disappointed, my first experience with Backyard Burgers didn't stop me from visiting them for a second try.

Last December 2012, I came back again for another dining experience. This time, my friend, Sarah and I decided to dine in as the place was empty, unlike my first visit. I was eyeing for the customized burger but found it very expensive after the lady at the counter calculated all the ingredients so I settled for the BB Garshroom Bacon Burger instead, while Sarah had her burger customized.

BB Garshroom  Bacon Burger (Php 150 + add-on Php 35)
The BB Garshroom Bacon Burger is made-up of a single beef patty with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mayonnaise, garlic mushroom fried in butter, bacon and sesame bun. Since I like my burgers with loads of cheese, I opted to add the Cheesy Dip Sauce. 

This time was a different kind of experience for me - I found heaven in a sesame bun. I opted my patty cooked medium well and it turned out to be deliciously tasty and juicy. The bun was also fresh, same as the lettuce, tomatoes and onions. The bacon and the garlic mushroom intensified the flavors and made the entire burger more savory. Most of all, the cheddar cheese plus the mayo and the cheesy dip sauce added more heaven to the array of flavors. It was by far, the best burger that I have tasted in town, knocking off Hollywood Burger's Elvis Presley Burger off the throne.

Sarah's customized burger


As for me, having your burger patty cooked medium well is the best option. The burger patty remains tender and juicy and cooked just enough to bring out its intense flavor. 

Also, a burger meal wouldn't be complete without a serving of fries and a cold glass of Coke.

Overall, this recent dining experience changed the way I tasted Backyard Burgers. If only this burger meal does not impose a delicious hazard to the waistline because of its big serving, I will always come back to try the rest of their selections.

Have you also tried Backyard Burgers? What's your highly recommended burger? 
Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  1. oh... what a wonderful photo, I looks very juicy and yummy. I hope to visit that place.


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