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The Boat Load: delicately marinated jumbo prawns in butter, tarragon and fresh seasonings

Having ventured in the city's food industry in Davao City for a year now, Outback Grill prides itself as being the "BEST" BBQ in the city. For quite some time, they have been filling our nights with fun, friends, entertainment and most of all, incredible food. 

Outback Grill offers a very wide and delectable selection in their menu. They also have barkada platters and family sets perfect for groups and junior-sized meals for kids. Of course, the star of this restaurant is their grilled delicacies. Take a look at the following photos to see (and crave for) what Outback Grill has to offer.
Bulilit Cut : 200 grams of juicy pork ribs served with cucumber salsa and rice
The Wrangler (650grams) and Chuck Wagon (1 kilo): Juicy pork ribs with Outback's secret sauce
Outback Chicken Tower
Chicken Barbeque
Pork Sinigang
Pancit Buko
I find the Pancit Buko the most surprising in the menu. Instead of using noodles, they used the shredded coconut meat and mixed it with other ingredients and condiments. It actually tastes a lot better than the usual pancit being served. 

Outback Kinilaw
Outback Chopsuey
Outback Bulalo
The Boat Load with Grilled Liempo
Goliath Burger
Another thing on the menu that made Outback Grill famous is their Goliath Burger. As they say, it is the best, bulkiest and the biggest burger in Davao City. It usually retails at P599 for a single burger but you can upgrade it to a combo with 1/2 kilo of fries and extra large softdrinks for only P799. This restaurant offers a challenge to its customers that whosoever finishes a Goliath Burger in an hour can have it for FREE. Aside from free burger, the winner also takes home a Goliath T-shirt and will be posted in Outback's Wall of Fame. Better make sure to have a huge appetite before taking on the challenge because the Goliath Burger is good enough to feed 8 people.

So if you're looking for the best bbq in town, come and visit Outback Grill located at Bacaca Road, Garcia Heights, Davao City. For more information, promos and updates, simply LIKE OUTBACK GRILL in Facebook

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