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I have always been a fan of burgers. Without a doubt, I would instantly choose to binge over a burger meal than force myself to consume a rice meal. In fact, I am one of those people who are very delighted that Davao City is now embracing more and more burger stores with different offers to lure their costumers. Just last February, another burger joint opened in Davao City with a pleasant surprise to burger aficionados like me. 

Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome The Metro Burgers!

The Metro Burgers recently opened its doors to the public last February with a lot of choices of delectable burgers to choose from. Burger lovers can get to choose the Regular Burger, Chinese Burger, Mexican Burger, Hawaiian Burger, Bacon and Mushroom Burger and the Double Burger. Every burger comes with a 100% pure beef patty and extraordinary spices that bring out the different flavors depending on the burger variety. With this, each burger variety offers an exciting flavor and ultimate satisfaction for your appetite. 

Know what sets the burgers of  The Metro Burgers apart from the other burger joints in town? Take a look at the pictures closely and try to find out.

Bacon and Mushroom Burger
The Mexican Burger
The Hawaiian Burger
The Chinese Burger
The Double Burger
What do you think? Probably the first thing that came into your mind is that their burgers have no cheese in it or that the cheese is just an add-on like what other burger joints offer. The truth is, all their burgers comes with cheese in it but you won't see it on top of the burger patty, because it is inside the patty. Just imagine the cheesy flavor that mixes with  the flavorful juice of the patty during the grilling process - a delectable flavor you don't want to miss!


Now, if my pictures have stimulated your craving for burgers or if you want to feel a new and awesome burger dining experience, then head on to The Metro Burgers. They're located at Juan dela Cruz Street, Uyangure, just a few steps away from Metrobank Uyanguren.

To get instant updates about The Metro Burgers, simply like THE METRO BURGERS in Facebook.

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