Partoza Durian Farms: A Breath of Fresh Air Plus Sweet Cinnamon Rolls from Annipie

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I thought I was already transforming into a Chinese mafia after all the tasty and flavorful Chinese dishes we consumed at Chef Lu and Lotus Court of Marco Polo Hotel Davao. However, our day has not ended yet as we were off to another hidden destination in Tugbok District at the Partoza Durian Farms, for our snacks and dinner. 

The Partoza Durian Farm was an hour trip from the downtown area of Davao City. Gluttony and the decongestant I took for my flu knocked me over that I became disoriented with the location. The next thing I knew upon waking up from my slumber was that we were already in this hidden haven of joy and peace.
Don't get deceived by its name. Although boasting of more than 500 trees of durian and other fruits, this family-owned farm has already been transformed into a leisure destination for retreats, camping, educational tours or an escape for some peace quiet. One can really escape from the hustles and bustles of the city-life as there is no Wi-Fi connection and mobile connection signals in the area. 

They also have some livestock and herb garden which they used to served food to the guests. The owners of this farm are advocates of natural and organic farming, so you are pretty assured that you get the freshest and healthiest ingredients on the food being served.

Miracle Berry
For the first time in my life, I encountered the Miracle Berry. You might be wondering why is it called such. Definitely it is not the most awaited cure for cancer and AIDS but this berry does its wonders by deceiving your taste buds. For a short period of time after consuming this berry, all you recognize is sweet even if the food is naturally sour, salty or bitter. The owners made us experience it for ourselves and all we can say is that this awesome berry is truly awesome!

The Partoza family also happens to own Annipie which serves delicious pastries and mouth-watering desserts. Annipie, to me, is my own cinnamon heaven, and the best I have tried in Davao when it comes to cinnamon rolls. Well, I was such a lucky girl at that time because upon arrival, we were then served with tasty cinnamon rolls. Plus, Annipie keeps on coming up with new additions to their variety of cinnamon rolls! 
Come dinner time, we were served with the sumptuous dishes: the Mangga's Bagoong (Mango and Shrimp Paste) for appetizer, Grilled Pork Liempo, Deep-Fried Hito (Catfish), Chicken Kare-kare and their Paella Tinola. Of course, our visit to Partoza Durian Farms will not be complete without having a buffet of their different varieties of Durian, which I have not photographed because everything was gone in an instant.

For more information, here are their contact details:

Partoza Durian Farms
Barangay Biao Escuela, Tugbok District, Davao City 8000
Tel +6382 226 4406 | +6382 286 1598
Mobile +63917 714 7332 | +63920 960 7332 | +63922 875 7788

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