A Royal Treatment at Lotus Court -Marco Polo Hotel Davao

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Just when we thought that we already had enough of authentic Chinese cuisine from Chef Lu, we were totally wrong. Our brunch was actually followed by a 5-course meal from no other than Davao's top of the class Chinese restaurant, the Lotus Court at Marco Polo Hotel Davao. I bet our tummies were already about to surrender so we resorted to a 10-minute walk from Chef Lu to Marco Polo Hotel in order to give way for the upcoming gastronomic feast.

We felt like royalties with the exquisite 5-course meal Lotus Court has prepared for us. The end result: 3 HOURS of incomparable gastronomic satisfaction which made me conclude that this was the best meal I had so far for the entire DFAT 2013 adventure.

Here's a glimpse of what Lotus Court has prepared for us, but in actuality and based on the following pictures, we got more than what was written in the menu. Get ready to drool!

Appetizer: Roast Suckling Pig Combination
Unlimited Dimsum  (Hakao, Pork and Shrimp Siomai and Shao Lung Pao)
Peking Duck Soup
Roasted Peking Duck

Main Course: Sauteed Diced Beef Fillet with Basil Soy Sauce
Yin Yang Garoupa
Diced Chicken Fried Rice with Abalone Sauce
Chinese Noodles with Peking Duck in Lettuce Wraps
Chocolate Buchi
Chilled Almond Jelly with Lychees

I was feeling a bit under the weather during this day but this point of the DFAT2013 adventure perked me up. Every bite is superbly and irresistibly delicious. Aside from just the palatable and highly commendable Chinese cuisine, Lotus Court also boast of its world-class service, making every dining experience a very memorable one.

Thank you very much Lotus Court and Marco Polo Hotel Davao for this sumptuous feast!

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  1. oh you lucky girl! what a feast! Such food envy right now
    Emma x

  2. also just worth mentioning - on my computer it's very difficult to post a comment as the publish button and text box for the code verification are hidden! Just a heads up
    Emma x


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